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Count faster than the calculator!

Most of the mathematical problems that people normally solve on a calculator
can be just as effectively and quickly tackled off the top of one's head.
Within 16 lessons you will be taught the principles of mental math training
and how to count as fast as on a calculator.

Master your exams and GMAT, show off during the Assessment Center
or just wallop your math teacher :-)

How it works

Most people aren't able to solve basic math problems effectively without a calculator.

The reason is that traditional methods taught in schools are too mechanical and not always effective.

We'll show you how to count quickly and effectively.

You will understand numerical operations better, make fewer errors and your calculator can be left in a drawer.

For more details have a look at: How it works

The online course includes:

The complete mental math e-book
Access to all 16 lessons
Unlimited access to all parts of the application even after finishing the course
Access to all additional lessons
Full version of all games
Graduation certificate after completion of level 3

Online course

4 math operations
4 levels of difficulty
16 lessons of mental math training
Online access, anytime, anywhere

Progress monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of your improvement
and comparison with other users.

Illustrative examples

Clearly explained theory and procedures.


Immediate feedback
Speed and accuracy
Motivational awards
Graduation certificate

Additional exercises and games

Fractions            Percentages
Powers            Unit conversions
Roots            Large numbers
Estimation math            Roman numbers

Basics of mental math - free trial. Register now!

The free trial includes a complete initial measurement process, the basics of mental math and the first 4 lessons of the online course. See for the possibilities of more effective computations. Completely free!