How it works?

Are you preparing for exams, GMAT, Assessment Centre or you just want to wallop your math teacher? We can teach you how! 

How much time do you need to solve these 3 problems?

86 * 5 =
43 - 19 =
84 / 14 =

How long does it take to an average person?

Calculatoraverage 18 seconds

Pen and paper average 120 seconds

Advanced arithmetician average from 15 to 20 seconds

There are more ways of performing calculations.

We will show you methods which are great extension of the tradition school approaches 

Traditional algorithms

Methods you learn at school

These are absolutely universal but students do not always fully understand the nature of an operation. Therefore, they can make more mistakes and count slowly.

  • Usually cannot be solved without a piece of paper or a calculator
  • Relatively slow
  • More errors made
  • No estimation possibility
  • Mechanical activity without understanding

Invented strategies

Methods suitable for mental computations

They cram traditional algorithms. These methods are based on the numerical operation understanding. These methods are faster and can be effectively solved by hand.

  • Mental calculations

  • Faster solutions
  • Less prone to errors
  • Possibility to estimate the result
  • Better numerical operation understanding

How to calculate quickly and by hand?

With Numericum you can learn all mental math tricks for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

Within 16 lessons you will learn how to solve even the seemingly complicated problems quickly.

Easy Moderate Hard Expert
7+9 8+39 35+78 376+964
8*6 8*16 12*37 47*84


We use illustrative pictures to explain clearly to you how to solve problems quickly and cleverly

Traditional Algorithms

Invented Strategies

86 * 5 = ?
43 - 19 = ?
84 / 14 = ?


Practice makes perfect!  This holds for math as well. Therefore, we have prepared several interactive exercises that allow you to practise new procedures unless you really master them.

Measurement and comparison

Throughout the whole course, we measure your improvement.
You can also compare your results with other users. 

Your results of Division - level 3

28 p/m

95 %


All users average

19 p/m

93 %


The top 10 %

32 p/m

100 %


Additional exercises and Games

Math is not only about Plus and Minus.
Practise also basic operations with Fractions, Powers, Roots, Percentages or Estimations. We will always explain the principles of calculations and provide you with a training exercise.

Additional exercises